Kevin Bell

A Business Lesson From 35,000 Feet

Article From Entrepreneur Brain Dump

Kevin Bell

There were two pilots in the air flying at 35,000 feet. The sky is smooth, it was an easy take off, zero turbulence, just an overall beautiful flight.

All of a sudden, a light comes on their switchboard that they haven’t seen before.

They’re looking all around trying to figure out why.

As much as they try, they can't figure out what's going on.

They check the entire board, they’re looking under the dash, they're looking everywhere they can think of.

They’re even looking through the manuals... Still can't figure it out...

So they decide to radio into control to see what they should do.

Control radios back and asks them how the plane is flying.

The captain responds that the plane is flying great!

Control radios back and says, If the plane is flying great, then DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!

The accuracy of this story in relation to ACTUALLY flying a plane is irrelevant.

The lesson here is that often times we are SEARCHING for things to be wrong. Even when things are going smoothly.

While it's important to "stay ready" and anticipate potential issues that might arise in your business ventures, you want to build with "the sky is the limit" mentality, not the "what's going to go wrong" mentality.

It's SO easy to get tunnel vision and forget to step back to look at the overall picture of what you're working on and how it's going.

Trust me, it's easier said than done.

Growth mindset is a learned skill. It takes repetition.

As you move through the week, get your reps in by remembering FIRST all the things that you're doing well.

Focus on the momentum you have from all you've built.

Don't have a panic attack and crash the plane because a light came on that you've never seen.

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