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Readers are leaders

The following are the books that I have read over the last few years along with thoughts and reviews of those worthy of such. I recently added in there an honorary section for the newsletters I subscribe to. Those deserve mention as they are a huge inspiration for my own writing as well.

Currently Reading

Theres never enough time in the day to read all the books that I want to read, but I’ll sure try. I will often read multiple books at a time depending on my mood. This list comprises the books I am actively reading.

Nightstand Stack

This is my “on deck” spot as well as my “paused” spot. The books that are here are comprised of the books that I am about to read or that I have started reading but set down for a bit.

All Time Favorites:

It can be a difficult task to really pick “favorites”. But in my attempt, here are the books that I feel have had the largest impact on my life and ones that I sincerely could not put down from start to finish. In no particular order:



Favorite Newsletters

The List:

The following list contains the books that I have read in order of completion.






Unfinished Book List

Maybe more than anything else, I LOVE talking about books.

Non-fiction specifically. If you want recommendations or just to chat about books, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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