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A Hidden Gem In The Nonfiction Book World

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Kevin Bell


Just finished Skip The Line.

I bought this after hearing James Altucher on a podcast in 2020 talking about it. And I wish I would have read it sooner.

It’s an incredible book!

In the social media non-fiction book inner circle, you don’t hear about this one as much as others, but you should.

It’s full of nuggets from someone who has truly been there and done that.

Failure is often times the best teacher. And from failure downs the most growth.

James has extremely high highs and low lows, experiencing more in his entrepreneur journey than most can even imagine.

He is an OGpreneur and pours out his expertise in Skip The Line.

Here are 10 one-liners that I highlighted during my read.

  1. “Experimentation is the new learning.”

  2. “Don’t seek out mentors; seek out experimenters"

  3. “Become an idea machine."

  4. “Execution is a subset of experimentation.”

  5. “Reinvention is about taking all of your passions, all of your skills, and all of your experiences and combining them into something new."

  6. “The only way to avoid failure is to avoid growth."

  7. “Success is a byproduct of the right habits."

  8. “The more you experiment, the faster you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t."

  9. “You don’t need credentials to be credible.”

  10. “Don’t wait for permission to be successful."