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Accidental Miracle Morning

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I started doing the “Miracle Morning” without even realizing it. And it makes a HUGE difference! Hal Elrod is onto something. Hear me out.

Man, I’m busy as heck.

I used to get up at 4:40 and had just enough time to get ready and head to work.

But with all the side projects and businesses I’m working on I’d be playing catch up the whole day.

During little pockets of time through the day I’m able to get work done, but never really getting into a good “flow”. Instead I’d end up staying up late burning the midnight oil or missing family time.

I adjusted one thing: I get up at 4am now. Here’s how my morning looks and how I set my day up from the start

🛌 4am wake up

🪥 Brush teeth, change clothes, pack lunch all done by 4:30

📚 Read 10 pages from 4:30-4:50

💻 40min of solid work from 4:50-5:30

🥋 Roll from 6-7

And then the day starts. 🚀

I was telling my wife how great it was that I had this time in the morning now. It was helping me start the day ahead, rather than behind.

She responds “you know you’re doing the miracle morning right?”

And she’s right. I read that book years ago but didn’t fully adopt it. I’m already getting up early and getting stuff done. I didn’t need to get up EARLIER. 🤷🏻‍♂️

But we’ve since had more kids, I have more businesses and weekends are getting busier and busier.

You DONT need to get wazoo and add a bunch of morning routines.Although a sauna and ice bath would be sweet…

Just start your day a bit earlier with QUIET, UNINTERRUPTED productivity to help you manage what’s already on your plate.