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Is Alex Hormozi Like The Beatles?

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Kevin Bell

It’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing something from Alex Hormozi.

And rightfully so.

He could stop now and be completely set. His name is synonymous with the incredible value that he provides and the mission that he is on to POUR into the entrepreneur community and make everyone around him better.

Having cut my teeth in business through managing gyms and other fitness related start ups, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Alex come from his humble Gym Launch days and absolutely dominate his way to the top! 📈

Not everyone will agree on this comparison, but Alex carries the same weight in the entrepreneur world right now as the Beatles did/ do with music. He is brilliant, CRUSHING it and extremely talented with what he does. He’s also a super likable and articulate guy.

Because of all that, some people just don’t like him. For no other than the fact that everyone else likes him.

Well, that’s there loss. Alex is doing “it” right and so did the Beatles.

Regardless of your stance, if you are in business of ANY KIND, Alex is worth knowing about and learning from.

I’ll leave you with three quotes, two book recommendations and one podcast listen.

If you are struggling with ideas, taking action or figuring out your next step, I'm sure you will find it SOMEWHERE within all of his content.


“Being human is both the rainy and sunny days. You don’t get to choose the weather” - Alex Hormozi

“The rocky montage scene in reality lasts 5 years. Not just the 30 seconds you see.” - Alex Hormozi

“When you’re on your way up everyone roots for you because you remind them of their dreams. When you’re at the top everyone tears you down because you remind them of what they gave up on.” - Chris Williams

Bonus: Link to Alex Hormozi quoting Chris Williams ​HERE

📚 BOOKS: $100M Offers - Alex Hormozi

Kevin Bell

$100M Leads - Alex Hormozi

Kevin Bell

🎙️ PODCAST: THE GAME - “​Uncovering Insights And Wisdom With Your Future Self” ​ The quotes listed actually came from this episode. It was like getting slapped in the face with value. I made the mistake of listening to it on a run and had to feverishly write all these things down mid run to remember all the juice.

Until next week.

Stay in the fight.


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