Kevin Bell

Are You This Kind Of Entrepreneur

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Often I think that entrepreneurs get a bad rap.

Considered “lazy” or “afraid of hard work”

When In fact, I’d say it’s in most cases the opposite.

The problem; it’s a matter of perception from a skewed world view.

Entrepreneurs still in their 9-5 W2 aren’t lazy, they just don’t love what they do for a job. They do it to make ends meet while they are up before the sun rises and burning the midnight oil EVERY DANG NIGHT.

While the rest of the world is happy and complacent with mediocre and middle class, entrepreneurs see the possibilities and relentlessly pursue them.

They’re not worried about the talk at the water cooler. Some quarterback from some team with some injury is not going to change the trajectory of their lives. So they consider it nonsense.

What might seem like life or death to Jason from accounting means NOTHING to the entrepreneur. He’s not even listening. His mind is in side hustle land, putting the pieces of his empire together in his head.

The entrepreneur goes to bed working through ideas and possibilities and then wakes up instantly thinking about those same things. If sleep weren’t so darn necessary, they’d work the entire night as well. And some do. Because they LOVE it.

This is the furthest thing from lazy. But the world, like the bucket of crabs, wants the entrepreneur to “stop dreaming” and be practical”. And to the entrepreneur, not only are those fighting words, it’s also like telling them to stop breathing.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say entrepreneurs out work EVERYONE. Especially when they’re still in the trenches.

The few that climb to the top, visible enough for people to see, who live in the big houses, drive the fancy cars and fly in their private jets; they’re also not lazy. They’ve EARNED that. They’ve paid their dues. But they are still grinding to maintain it. That’s the beauty of this biz; the only ceiling that exists is the one YOU believe exists.