Kevin Bell

Starting A Business Is Like Growing A Mustache

Kevin Bell

When you start, you’re choosing to change the way people look at you and see you. An identity shift, if you will.

It will feel awkward in the beginning and people might look at you weird for your choice. They will most definitely be talking about your decision behind your back.

Not everyone will get it. Maybe not even your wife. But you have to commit to getting through the first phase as it grows.

It takes time to really look and feel good. You’ll find yourself adjusting it daily trying to figure out what really works. You might even get caught going down the rabbit hole spending way more time and money than you need on what everyone else thinks you should do and the products that they’re selling.

Some people just have the gift to grow it big and quick. F*ck those guys. It’s in their genetics. They sneeze and it grows. But they aren’t the norm. They don’t know the battle that you go through to grow nothing into something.

For most of us, time is the only answer. Be consistent and committed to your mission.

People might ask “why”, your family might poke fun at you and discourage you from this new venture, but you have a vision.

But then, your commitment begins to pay off. it starts to form into something. Something you’re proud of.

You gain some respect from the others in your community. You even start to get recognized and complimented on it.

Those that are new to the game start to ask you about how you did it. They want to know how long it took and if you have any secrets to pass along. They start looking up to you and what you’ve done.

You’ll walk down the street and exchange a simple nod of a head from another dude who paying respect to your persistence. Nothing needs to be said, but he recognized you and your work.

It eventually becomes something of substance. It’s at this point that you get to decide how big or small you want it. You’re in complete control.

This is where you can get creative and try new things that you weren’t able to try before. You’ve made it.

You have made the leap and grown something to be proud of. Few will even remember what you were like before this change.

Many of your friends will have started and quit along the way. They couldn’t handle it. But not you. You’re not a quitter. Well done, brother. 👨🏻

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