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Business Breakdown: Roll Off Dumpster Broker

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Business breakdown:

Roll Off Dumpster Biz… Broker? 🗑️🤔

We have a few roll off dumpster businesses we’re looking at and through the process of chatting with owners, I had this very interesting conversation with a business related to roll off dumpsters but NO inventory and completely hands off.

Basic Overview: They are essentially a roll off dumpster CONTRACT broker.

“But what’s a roll off dumpster business?”

For reference, roll off dumpsters are used on construction sites and renovations.

👉 They’re oversized dumpsters that are rented out for long periods of time while the construction is going on.

THIS particular company however doesn’t have to do any of that.


They line up contracts with companies that need dumpsters and then match those contracts with the roll off dumpster companies that want the work.

An example:m ABC Dumpsters is a roll off dumpster biz that works in a specific area.

Dumpster Broker Biz contacts ABC Dumpsters with a job for a local Walmart construction project.

Dumpster Broker Biz takes a cut worker out ahead of time, and ABC Dumpsters gets the work.

The Advantage:

If you own a roll off dumpster biz, you get a ton of work sent your way. The process is smooth and for the most part your hands off.

This would be more fitting for smaller dumpster businesses around 10-20 bins/ drivers.



It doesn’t matter if you’re in the dumpster biz, real estate, landscaping, accounting, or whatever else, look for opportunities to provide value to BOTH sides of the coin. In turn, both sides will provide value to you.