Kevin Bell

Changing Your Life Trajectory Is A Choice

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I'm a fitness fanatic. I work out 7 days a week and I love it! I know I'm not the norm and maybe a little obsessive, but I'm okay with that.

Any vacation I go on, I find the hotel gym. I was out of town this week and had in interesting realization about the empty hotel gym 👇

Working out is the choice to lean into something hard and uncomfortable. Doing it regularly is choosing to embrace that HARD all the time.

Some days are better than others, but the physical results come a substantial amount of time after the "pain" of the workout...

It's an INVESTMENT. It takes time, energy, consistency and dedication to see the results. But when you put that work in consistently, it DOES pay off.

The same applies to most everything else in life.

I buy businesses and real estate.

The same thing applies here.

It's an investment.

I have to lean into the uncomfortable, the time spent, the energy exerted, the learning curve, etc in order to land a deal... but when that deal lands, it is SO worth it.

And, just like the empty hotel gyms, doing big thing like buying businesses and changing the trajectory for your family, you are on the road less traveled.

You're not wrong, you're just leaning into the challenge when others run from it.