Kevin Bell

How Creators Can Use AI To Their Advantage

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My AI prediction as it applies to the future of creators 🤖

(Let me know if you agree as well. This is just my theory)

👉 Authenticity will become even more important.

Less production and more “amateur” content and creators will be desired.

When everything is perfect, imperfections will be celebrated.

A graphic designer for example might feel a little worried... BUT If they lean into understanding AI, they could make a killing teaching other graphic designers to utilize and leverage It.

AI is best used with an experienced “conductor/prompter”. Whatever kind of creator you are, your value wont go away. It will just be a matter of how well you take advantage of the tools available to you.

Don't ignore it, just search for ways to become more genuine.

Ignoring it is like authors years ago saying “blogs are terrible, I hope they go away someday”.

INSTEAD of “wow, I can really use this to leverage my already expert level skills, share my work and my unique personality”