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Do Business Like 50 Cent Sold Drugs

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Provide value like 50 Cent

@RyanHoliday mentioned this in Perennial Seller, and it caught my eye. So I dig a little deeper.

Before 50 Cent gained fame as a rapper, he was first a businessman.

At 12 he started dealing drugs.

At that age, he essentially grew up in the drug biz and used it as means of financial stability and reputation.

He was described to be both “cunning and aggressive”.

In line with those characteristics, 50 Cent would use an unorthodox tactic to gain a customer base.

He’d give away free samples.

Generally dealers just didn’t do that. Every ounce of narcotic is typically accounted for.

50 Cent saw the big picture and knew that if he could create addicts, he would always have customers.

The caveat to that story is that he would rob other drug dealers, steal their stash and use that as the samples he gave away.

I’m not condoning to deal drugs or steal anything from competitors to get ahead…

The point I’m making here is that 50 Cent led with value. He knew the product he had (drugs) would make addicts out of his users.

The key was just getting the product in as many hands as possible and building the loyal addicts.

Whatever the product or service is that you have, don’t be afraid of giving away part of the product or service for free.

Raging fans come from people that have used your product. They don’t come from people that are your product and can’t afford it.

Maybe there’s not enough room in your budget for a free part of your service… then a small product to bridge that gap. A “trip wire”.

This commits a customer to paying for something and eventually leading them down a path to the end product you want them to purchase.