Kevin Bell

Don't Burn The Boats

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Kevin Bell

You hear this story told all the time about going ALL in with a crazy dream and walking out of your job one day in a Jerry Maguire-like performance…

In order to pursue this dream and fight for it with all you’ve got…

While there is something romantic and dramatic about this whole scenario. I believe whoever says this falls into a few categories, none of which really fits this dad over here.

If you fit into any or all of these categories, you might be okay with burning the boats. If not, keep them while you build another one on the side.

Category 1

  1. You don’t have any kids — When kids come into the picture, you can’t just drop your security like it’s hot.

Category 2

  1. You’re single or not married

Category 3

  1. You don’t actually have a great job/ career

Category 4

  1. You LIKE risk.

None of these categories sit well with me.

I’m a dad of two, married for almost 10 years now, a full-time police officer making over 6 figures, and a homeowner in one of the most expensive parts of the country.

But I’ve seen the end.

I’ve seen behind the curtain and the writing on the wall.

I see men and women from my profession die before they get a chance to see their kids walk.

I see them put 30+ years in, still having to ask permission to take days off, and THEN, within months after retirement and making it to the end, they die.

I’ve seen my coworkers go through multiple marriages and when they retire from one department, they lateral to another retirement system because they can’t afford not to.

And I wholeheartedly cannot allow that to be my story.

I’ve rubbed elbows with REAL businessmen. WEALTHY wealthy investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, men and women living a life that only few can dream of, and fewer actually attempt to make it a reality.

And the crazy thing; is they’re just normal people who relentlessly pursued that fire within them that told them they were meant for more.

Seeing all of that, I can’t sit here and take it. I cannot just roll over and settle for mediocrity. I cannot stop until I have truly changed our flight path as a family and built the empire.

But this is a process. And you’re out of your mind if you think that I’m going to burn the boats.

Going all in is a MINDSET. It’s the agreement that you make with yourself that you will STAY IN THE FIGHT and do whatever it takes to make the dream a reality.

Remember though, this fight is not just for you. It’s for all those who count on you and need you to provide.

Don’t be selfish.

Don’t be stupid.

Don’t burn the boats.

Build your empire up big enough that it is an EASY decision to transition full-time into that dream and sail away in your yacht.

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