Kevin Bell

Don’t Let THIS Steal Your Dreams

What do you do when you get a blockage in your creator artery? A kink in the hose of your creativity? A break in your FLOW… ?

Ryan Holiday refers to it as “The Obstacle”. Steven Pressfield calls it “The Resistance”. Seth Godin writes about “The Dip”. Carol Dweck talks about it using the term “Growth Mindset”.

And it’s not just for writers and creators. Its also not JUST a lack of ideas.

Often, you actually have a MILLION ideas, but there’s something in the way of your “flow”.

You were in a good “groove”, and something pops in that might in fact be helping you, but it disrupts your current process. You now have to rework things, rethink the system, maybe even restart. What do you do? How do you handle that? HOW do you overcome that?

Analysis paralysis is the REAL DEAL. It will rob you of your dreams and take away the life that you are destined to live. It’s a living, breathing, fear-fed enemy of you and your goals.

But we play it’s silly little games. We dress it up like we’re being logical, cautious, smart… we call ourselves A PERFECTIONIST. That all sounds so much better than admitting that we’re scared to commit or that we can’t decide.

Snap out of it!! The decision that you’re worried about right now that’s stopping your flow doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. It will not make the difference between failure and success. You know what will? You NOT doing anything. Stopping your work to stress about some random verbiage….or giving up because it got hard.

THOSE are the things that will lead to failure. The decisions your overthinking aren’t as important as they feel for you right now. I promise.

I say this because I LIVE this. A lot of us do. But your success is determined on how you move forward from this.

Here’s a real life, in REAL time example of this happening with me:

I’ve been writing two newsletters. One personal and one business. Over the last 6 months they’ve morphed into something VERY similar. It’s been in the back of my mind to merge these newsletters and relaunch under a new brand I’m building, and with the help of the HeyCreator community, I confirmed that.

Over the first hurdle. ✅

But here’s where the analysis paralysis kicks in:

Now that I’m merging the letters and rebuilding my brand, WHAT do I name the newsletter?

Keeping it related to the business while ALSO encompassing me personally so that it can cover other topics over time…

This tiny piece of resistance was blocking my flow FAR more than It should have.

We’re all going to run into this resistance and like I said, it’s how we move through it that matters. It’s OKAY to ask for help.

So that’s what I did.

Hopped on a call with KC Procter and Tim Forkin and got slapped in the face with exactly what I needed to hear.

“Just pick a name and write”.

This is a battle I was having with myself internally for a WEEK… for no reason. It was the obstacle in the way, the blockage of my flow, the resistance in front of success. And it was hindering me from doing the work that I love to do.

Here’s the scoop👇

These situations are inevitable. In business, in creation, in relationships, in LIFE.

You’re going to get a kink in your flow.

First off, you’re gonna be okay.

Second, don’t put so much weight on your decision.

Third, lead with action and sort it out as you go.

Forth, find a room where you’re not the smartest person and then ASK the smartest person for advice.

One day, someone will be asking you