Kevin Bell

From 25 to 10,000 Subscribers Overnight?!

Twitter Post


Here’s a story about what a guy that went from 25 to 10k subscribers with one video…

But more than that, this is a story about a guy that has value to provide and stayed consistent in providing that value even when no one was watching…

then all of a sudden TONS of people are watching.

This is ALSO a story of how this guy is processing through his new influencer status.

I got an email from @thepatwalls from @starter_story about a guy named @meetstef (Steph France)

I was curious so I looked him up. This was JUST after his video went viral and the excitement was still fresh.

The hype was justified, Steph is legit! But what I saw was a little different from what most of those new subscribers saw.

I saw a creator who has been in the trenches for a while, making and sharing content and value for a LONG time without any else watching.

I saw a normal, nice dude that believes in what he has to say and just kept saying it over the last several years.

The viral video was seriously awesome, but that wasn’t the story that I was interested in.

What drew me in was that this was a turning point, a pivotal moment in the life of a fellow creator where all the work that he had been doing before had finally caught fire.

People were finally appreciating what he’s been creating…

I had to connect with him and congratulate him on this success.

Steph is a class act. Great dude and responded right away to my message.

Crazy part is that he hadn’t even seen the starter story email yet.

I couldn’t help my curiosity… I had to know if there was anything that he could pin point that led to this new success.

I think at the time Steph was still very much processing through this himself and he gave a perfect response.

He said he was torn. On one hand, he felt lucky that an “algorithm made by some people on the other side of the world” gave him a chance and showed his work.

But on the other hand he had tried several times over the last several years and failed each time… until now.

He kept learning and stayed consistent and then “it happened overnight”.

So in that case, luck had nothing to do with it.

Step is a big fan of YouTube and said that the one piece advice he’d give his younger self is:

"Youtube is by far the best opportunity for creators, keep trying and learning"

Steph had a message to provide and he continued to share it even when no one is watching. Now they are.

That’s the main point here; it doesn’t matter the size of your audience, just continue to provide the value that you know you have to give….

And one day, like Steph, people will notice and recognize your work.

Great work @meetstef ! Keep grinding brother!