Kevin Bell

Set A Deadline And Get Sh*t Done

Article From Entrepreneur Brain Dump

Kevin Bell

When you have an actual hard deadline to get something done, you get it done.

It’s amazing how that works.

You can be talking about hypothetical, theoretical, conceptual ideas until the cows come home, but until you give yourself a cut and dry DEADLINE, most things stay in a state of purgatory.

I’ve talked about a blog and newsletter for a LONG TIME.

I’ve made notes in my phone that could fill the pages of the thick novel.

I’ve even jumped in and started writing on a pre-built blogging platform Medium.

All of which have helped me learn to verbalize my experiences and ideas one article at a time… but it still wasn’t a blog.

Did I need to start a blog? No. But it’s something that I’ve been pulled to and an opportunity came up that lit a fire under me to get it done.

For those that have never started, designed or built a website before, don’t try and do it in two weeks.

It was rushed and stressful, but it got done.

It got done BECAUSE I didn’t give myself any other choice.

When we are presented with hard timelines for projects or goals, it’s pretty black and white.

You get it done or you don’t.

This could have easily been one of those situations.

It wasn’t a boss that put this deadline on me.

It wasn’t a requirement from any outside source.

It was something that I put on myself.

And it was this very fact that shined a spotlight on untapped potential.

A new level of productivity I hadn’t been operating on before.

Were there late nights and early mornings? Yes.

But this blog and newsletter was built.

Give yourself some hard deadlines for the things you want to get done. And do it.

You’d be surprised what you’re actually capable of.

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