Kevin Bell

How Being A Cop Helps With Your Investments

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It doesn’t always pay off to be a cop, but when it does, it’s nice.

We own a storage facility in Kansas and we were just notified that there’s some “shady” guys hanging out by a unit all day.

The contractor we have notified us about some syringes near the units and they “look like bad news”.

I’m not there on site, nor do I necessarily want my boots on the ground to get himself into trouble.

But hey, I’m actually a cop. I can “talk cop”. So I called the local PD and let them know about the situation.

I’m not saying that I’m getting any special favors for being a cop, but the reality is when you can relate to someone and find some common ground (in this case being a cop) people want to help.

I leveled with them from one officer to another. I told them that I’m an owner in another state just trying to run a business and protect my investments. They get it. And they took care of me.

This isn’t a sales pitch to be a cop. There’s far more cons to this career than the benefit of increased patrol checks on an investment. The point I’m making is that it pays to find common ground. Be a connector.