Kevin Bell

How Dare You Dream Big

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Kevin Bell

It’s hard to explain this journey to someone that isn’t on it.

Others will see it and respect it, but still not realllllly get it.

And then you have people that don’t get it AT ALL and might even think you’re crazy.

“You’re too much of a dreamer.”

Further down the line you’ll have those that not only don’t get it, but they are almost mad at you for even trying to break out from the status quo.

Like “how DARE you try and be different, how dare you dream big”.

Maybe it’s because their dreams were squashed at one point or they weren’t ever allowed to dream that big and they don’t know how.

They could be threatened or confused or for some reason angry. Angry because they don’t know any other feeling to feel and revert to a child like reaction to something new.

Regardless, no one is really going to get it, unless they’re in it with you or have experienced it before themselves.

That’s ok though, it’s not about them.

This is your story.

Your journey.

Your fight to win.

Your life that you choose to change.

Never forget that.

Never forget that voice inside that pops up when others are complaining about gas prices and inflation.

That voice that reminds you silently that “soon, you won’t be worried about those peanuts. Soon you’ll be in a different league. Soon, you’ll be your own boss on your own time.”

That’s the voice that keeps you in check with the reality you are manifesting.

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