Kevin Bell

How Elvis Monetized His Haters

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An unorthodox sales tactic that Elvis’ manager used to make Elvis millions 🎙️

Colonel Tom Parker was Elvis’ long time manager and came up tied the idea to sell “I Hate Elvis” memorabilia to appeal to the haters.

By selling to those that disliked Elvis, they were able to capture both sides of the fence.

The opportunity was there, it was just a matter of seeing it.

📌 My Point:

There’s always a new angle that you can look at your business from.

Whatever it is that you do or create, you’re not going to appeal to everyone. Nor should you try.

Find your audience, settle in and then step back and look for further opportunities of growth.

You could be one of the most popular musicians in the WORLD and you’re still going to have people that don’t like you…

And while that sucks to have haters, haters are easily identifiable and essentially want the opposite of what you have to offer.

Figure out what that is and give it to them.