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How I Stayed Awake While Driving After Running 11 miles In The Desert

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You don’t realize how hard it is to drive when you’re tired UNTILL you’re at the wheel after a midnight 11 mile run through the desert, driving 4 hours back home. If you know you know 😉

The things I did to stay awake were almost out of a movie. Or they felt that way at least. Or maybe i was dreaming… 🤔 Either way, here’s what I did and my review / rating on each of them for your future reference. Just so we’re clear, “🐑🐑🐑🐑 🐑” is the best.

🫧Chewing gum:

Not bad. It kept my mouth moving and doing something. For whatever reason it seemed to help to chew loud and with an open mouth. I was the only one in the car so it was alright. Also chewing the gum kept me from not having to drink a bunch of liquids and have to pee. Another bonus.

Rating — 🐑🐑🐑🐑

💺Shifting around my seating:

In my delirium, I though that if I. over positions often, I’d stay awake but the change. I leaned forward, I leaned back, I leaned left and of course I leaned right. I EVEN leaned diagonally. Did it work, meh. Maybe to save my back a bit.

Rating — 🐑

🔫Using a massage gun:

Ok don’t knock this one until you try it. I have a Hypervolt massage gun that is FANTASTIC. I grabbed it out of my bag and was able to use it on my legs and arms while driving. The vibrations were both soothing my muscles but also in a weird way, keeping me awake. If it wasn’t so awkward, it’d rate a little better.

Rating — 🐑🐑🐑

🔠Doing Wordle:

Maybeeee not the best idea, but it was to keep my mind working. The hardest part was to remember the board at a quick glance so that I didn’t use my phone. Going through the combos in my head made it way more difficult than just looking at the screen (safety first okay).

Kevin Bell

Either way, I gave up on that one quick. BUT it did keep me thinking. Which helped!

Rating — 🐑🐑

📚Listening to an audiobook:

This both helped AND didn’t at the same time. I’ll explain. The audiobook I was listening to was great! I was into it! By the narrators voice was just a little too soothing. So by all means, try the audiobook hack, but make sure you’re not going to be talked to sleep.💤

Rating — 🐑🐑🐑

📱Talking on the phone:

Hands free of course!

Kevin Bell

This was next level. Big help! My dads in a different time zone and was awake while i was driving. I called and chatted with him my last 50min. And it was a life saver. Literally. It woke me up, kept me engaged and got me home! THOS is the hack.

Rating — 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑.

So there you have it! If YOU ever find yourself in a long early morning drive and you too need to stay awake behind the wheel, try these 👆

PS — I’m writing this at home, so something worked. Safe travels!