Kevin Bell

How Much πŸ’² Would It Take You To Leave Your Job?

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What’s the minimum amount of πŸ’² that would keep you at a job or doing work that didn’t light you up? 100k? 200k? 300k? More??

Follow up: Let’s say you make between 100-200k/ year, what’s the minimum amount that it would take for you to leave job security/ benefits and jump into something that you can’t wait to do every day?

Background: Almost every day at work I hear a conversation from my co workers about wanting to retire.

And they have YEARS left before they can.

Common phrases you’ll hear used in my profession are β€œhappy to be here” or β€œliving the dream”. Both said with a slightly sarcastic tone.

Some people were born to do what I do. Others work for the weekends.

If you’re the later, what are you doing to build that bridge out? What are you doing that gets you excited to wake up? What are you working towards to change your trajectory?

For me it’s building and buying businesses. I haven’t β€œmade it” yet, but that’s what we’re working towards. And it’s within reach.