Kevin Bell

How My Team Handles 90% Of The Work

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We would NOT be anywhere near where we are without the team we have.

Here’s a breakdown of my team and how we go from lead to LOI.

  1. Our head of research dives into the markets that we’re looking in and finds the facilities that match our criteria


  1. Data gets entered into our spread sheet and we filter them down using some google sheets formulas.

Data detailing the saturation of the market, the house hold income, the growth of the market, the age of the owner, all play a factor in ranking the data

  1. Once the data is automatically ranked, our Head of Outreach starts dialing. In June she made 1565 calls, 290 owners answered, 176 weren’t interested and 7 were AND fit our criteria.

  2. From here I’ll call to follow up and contact the owner. I’ll gather any extra info we need and get an LOI sent out.

  3. We use Slack for all team communications. Two things to note on this:

    1. When a new lead comes we have a follow up channel where a cliff notes of the lead gets posted so that it’s easy to access for me on my phone.

    2. When I’m on a call with the owners, I’ll take my notes right in Slack and our GM will grab those notes and log them in the spreadsheet with everything else. Our GM does a little bit of everything. UW, team management, research, yo name it. She’s my right hand and keeps me sane.

This system doesn’t just have to be for storage. You can use if for anything in sales really.

Thank you for reading! I have a couple storage facilities and we are working to acquire more, along with businesses outside of storage.

Anything that I learn along the way I plan to share it with you. 👊🏻