Kevin Bell

How Planet Fitness Has INSANE Membership Retention

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Kevin Bell


60% of planet fitness members don’t visit on a monthly basis…

And the 40% that actually go, will only go 4-5 times a month.

But that’s not the most interesting thing here... The psychology behind it is what really fascinates me.

People HAVE the membership and but don’t use it. Why?

Because it feels good to have it. It’s a box checked. ✔️

It’s there when they want it.

What’s missing is the feeling of accomplishment.

So what does Planet Fitness do?

They send out wins in newsletters. When members read their newsletters and see wins of others, it will either motivate them to do something OR it will feel like they’re winning as well.

Either way, it keeps member retention.


Transfer that to another business👇

Example: An online program teaching people how to build / code iPhone apps.

A membership for the program and monthly trainings. Full catalog of how to’s.

But the key is the newsletter. Keeping people informed on what’s coming up AND sharing community wins.

“If they did it, I can too” is a VERY powerful thing.