Kevin Bell

How To Become A Pro At Anything

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“The difference between an amateur and a professional — amateurs do it until they get it right, pros do it until they can’t do it wrong.”

But where does this drive come from? What keeps the pro to continue to get after it day after day after day?

Is it something inside them that they were born with? A personality trait they have that others don’t?

Or is it something that was ignited from within? An internal, intrinsic motivation completely separate from who they are?

I honestly don’t know. But I can tell you where you can find it.

You find it in your day dreams.

The swirling mind of thoughts and ideas before you go to bed

The teeth gritting frustration you feel doing the work you weren’t meant to do

The thousands of notes of ideas in your phone

The stack of books on your nightstand

The late night research and early morning planning.

It’s your consistent, continuous, relentless pursuit— that you become a pro.

When you literally don’t have any extra time in the day and yet still seem to MAKE the time to build your empire…keep grinding. You’re on the right track. It will come.