Kevin Bell

How To Start A Business Made Easy

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I’ve failed a bunch of times, but along the way I’ve found a few things that have worked with starting a business.

I LOVE me an acquisition, but I believe there’s massive value in the grit learned and earned from start ups as well.

4 concepts to help you get started:

  1. Just do the thing:

It’s sounds obvious, but it’s SO easy to get caught in analysis paralysis. Remind yourself that the road to success is paved through “experimenting”. Try an idea out. If it doesn’t work, pivot.

  1. Idea Generation:

Keep a note on your phone and write down any and every idea that comes to mind. Force yourself to get it out. No matter how silly. It’s the process of putting pen to paper and getting the wheels turning that will lead to the $Million dollar ideas

  1. You don’t Need A Business Plan:

I know it FEELS like that’s what you need. But it’s a trap. What you need are customers. You don’t need a pitch deck right now, just grab a piece of paper and write down where your first customer will come from. Boom, that’s your business plan.

  1. Validate:

Before you spend any money on a fancy website, American made prototypes, logos, or wazoo equipment, make sure people WANT what you have. Validate. Find people to pay for the most beta beta beta version, THEN build.

I know these were all pretty general… BUT the foundation of these are worthy to note. Hope this provides some insight and value.