Kevin Bell

How To Successfully Pursue Your Dreams

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Kevin Bell

People don’t talk about the “process” as much as they talk about the end result.

We come up with GRAND ideas and have vivid visions of New Year’s resolutions… Those propel us into THIS spot right here. I like to call this area, this phase, “the process of becoming”.

The majority of people never come out of this phase. It’s hard. It’s tedious, it’s frustrating and for most, it’s unknown.

People revert back to mediocrity and tell wild tales of “almosts” and “couldves”. Few climb out of the mud and come out the other side to share the story of victory. This is the phase we’re in now and if you are here as well and resonate with this feeling, you’re not alone and there IS a way out. There IS a way to change your life with the dream that keeps the fire burning inside and keeps you awake at night.

And if you don’t believe that, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’ll never make it. Before anyone, YOU have to be your first follower.

This is a blog for my fellow dreamers out there. The ones that are lost in their thoughts and their daydreams about the “what ifs” and the “if onlys”.

This is for those of you staring into the abyss, processing a million thoughts on the possibilities of success.

This is for those who have a day job, but when that job ends for the day, a new job begins at night. Dad, husband, entrepreneur, accountant, CEO, data analyst, whatever it might be. You’re burning the midnight oil hustling to build bigger and better things for you and your family.

This blog is for those who have the IDEAS but don’t quite know how to put it together yet. For those who need to see somebody else’s proof of concept to fully trust. To know they are not the only ones in the process of becoming great, and there is a clear path to success.

If any of that resonated with you, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a story that can hopefully serve as a reminder.

The other day I was driving home from an overnight trip. It was a 4-hour drive there and 4 4-hour drive back, needless to say, I had a lot of time in the car to make some quality phone calls. One of those calls was to my dad.

He’s getting close to retirement age and has a unique opportunity coming up where he’ll be able to transition out of his W2 and start working for himself for the first time in his life. In fact, we will be working together to grow a few of the businesses I have that need that extra push and implementation from someone with his experience.

I’ve been planting the seeds for a while now and it appears to finally be the right time to make this happen.

As we were talking through some of the logistics, he was expressing to me his worry about not knowing all the intricacies of the business and that he wanted to see if there were any courses or education he could go through to feel more prepared.

I’ll preface by saying this is not a bad thing. My dad is the ultimate researcher. When he buys something, you KNOW it is the best. You don’t have to do any research because he already did it all and made a VERY calculated decision. All that is awesome! Truly. BUT it also takes a lot of time. I should know, because I’m the same way. But I’ve had to fight against that to take ACTION and actually make things happen.

When he said that, I almost started laughing. Not at him, but because I thought the SAME THING several years ago.

In that moment, my first thought was

“thats a waste of time, just do it and learn as you go”…

But as soon as I had that thought, I realized that I once felt the same way as my dad. I was searching for the course/book/mentor/etc that would tell me HOW to do the thing… And now I realize that the only way that you are actually going to DO THE THING, is by DOING THE THING.

I still read the books, watch the videos, talk to the mentors, etc. I still do all that, but the intent has changed. Before it was because I was seeking the answers from others. I couldn’t start until I finished the book or took the course, or talked to Guru Joe. NOW, I know that the answers don’t come from those external sources, they come from the experience of doing it.


Start, then fail, get back up, then try again. Fail, get back up, then continue on. Fail, get better, and so on.

The books, videos, courses, blogs, and podcasts, all will help. You don’t need to STOP consuming that, but those won’t DO THE THING for you. Use them as an aid, not a crutch.

I know how scary it is to walk into the unknown and actually try and do the big things that you dream of doing, but I KNOW you are capable of doing those things.


I’ll leave you with one from Ed Mylett. If you were in an important meeting and you were told that a loved one (spouse, child, parent, best friend) was in a bad accident, what would you do?

You’d get right up and leave that room and go to them.

If someone wanted you to sit down because you were being rude by leaving, you’d walk right past them.

If the door was locked, you’d kick it down.

If your car wouldn’t start, you’d freaking RUN.

If you weren’t allowed into the operating room, you’d bust in.

You wouldn’t second guess yourself, you’d just do it. You’d take the action in the pursuit of what mattered most.

Think about your dreams the same way. Don’t worry about all the little roadblocks and hiccups along the way. Pursue those dreams like you’re trying to get to a loved one. Because ultimately, for most of you, you actually are pursuing your dream FOR your loved ones.

Do whatever it takes. It’ll be worth it, I promise.