Kevin Bell

How To Unlock Success

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When you’re trying to open a locker with a dial lock, you pretty much have to get it exact with each number in the combo.

There’s very little give on these locks. “Close” might not work. If you’re a tiny bit off, MAYBE you’ll get lucky and it’ll open. So if you decide to go to the next number, you run the risk of your combo not working it then having to start over. Often times if I think I missed the number, I’ll just start over.

Success isn’t a dial lock though. But we treat it like that unfortunately. We think that the combo has to be perfect and that we have to know all the numbers before attempting to open it up and get to what’s in side.

This can be seen in scenarios like

I could go on. But success isn’t a dial lock. It’s an open & unlocked locker. There isn’t ANY lock on. You just have to open it. It’s there for the taking. The trick is finding the right locker. That’s the journey. Some people get it on their first try, others have a bunch of lockers they have to open before they find the right one. The only ones that lose are the ones that quit searching.

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