Kevin Bell

How To Zoom And Parent

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If you ever work from home and have small kids, how do you do your zoom meetings?? While they’re awake vs during naps?

Follow up: How do those go for you and what’s the worst thing that’s happened?

Do you have a disclaimer that you say ahead of time about your kids being up?

For example: “Hey guys, I hope you don’t mind, I’ve got my kiddos up and roaming around. Might have to mute at times during the call.” 🤷🏻‍♂️ @dustinthedad whatchu think?

I had a zoom call the other day and it was just my youngest home with me at the time.

It was with @creatingjas, who is SUPER cool, but it was the first time chatting over zoom so I made sure to say a disclaimer— “just fyi, my youngest is home with me right now just in case she pops on”

It was actually pretty manageable but here are a few things that went down within the duration of the call.

  1. She spilled a drink on her pants and wanted to change them.
  2. She brought me a loaf of bread and got two pieces out of me
  3. She brought me a bowl and the container of Animal Crackers and wanted me to put the crackers in the bowl for her.
  4. She watched several episodes of Bluey

I do my best to schedule calls during their naps, BUT it doesn’t always workout like that.

That’s the reality of finding the balance of parenting and being in the grind.

In a perfect world, I’m not a distracted parent, I don’t ever leave for work, I’m always around and never use TV as a crutch.

But that’s not the case. I definitely do those things at times.

Instead, here’s what I try to do as much as I can reference my work.

  1. I put my phone on do not disturb right when I get home and take it out of my pocket out of reach
  2. After long zoom calls, I shut the computer and engage with them
  3. I explain to them the best I can what I’m going and why I’m doing it

This is not all encompassing, but even just these few things help.

To all my weekend warriors out there, side hustle entrepreneurs and parents in the grind building an empire for their fam; you’re not alone. Stay in the fight.