Kevin Bell

How Your Ambitions Keep You Young

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Kevin Bell

Just think about that quote for a sec. Like really think about.

What Dan is saying here essentially is when we stop chasing our dreams, when we stop trying to work towards something bigger and better, we lose that youthful spirit. It's gone. It's the death of a part of you that wants to fight for the next level of a better self.

How often have you heard guys talk about the glory days of playing high school football? It's as if they peaked then, at 18. When you stop pursuing the dream and instead referring to "the use to's" and the "remember when's", you've accepted defeat.

It's so easy to do. Time just sneaks up and the ambitions you once had are now moments of the past. A battle you lost, or maybe never fought.

Stay in the fight. Continue to work towards a better you. Continue to pursue the next level of success. Not in a unsatisfied way, but because you can.