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I Heard This Quote A Week Ago and It’s STILL Making me think

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Heard this the other day and the more I repeat it in my head the more it hits.

“The opportunity lies in the place where people complain.”

Here’s my quick thoughts on that.

  1. People avoid hard work 👇

Lean into it. I’m not saying work yourself to death. But WORK does need to get done. By someone. Especially in your start up phase.

In the beginning it’s really JUST you. If you don’t want to do the work in the beginning you either need to figure out a pursuit where you WANT to do the work or figure out how to delegate those tasks as early on as you can.

  1. Customers have problems 👇

Solve them. LISTEN to your customers and even the customers of others and note the things that are most frustrating to them. These are gaps that you might be able to solve. Shoot, even pay attention to the things that bother YOU as a customer. Jesse Itzler founded Marquis Jet after seeing a gap in the market. And he’s the MAN!

  1. If something breaks 👇

Fix it. This is a more literal interpretation but if something isn’t working in your business and people are complaining, take a second and evaluate what’s going on. This is an opportunity to achieve ranging fans through stellar customer service.

For example, HOKA and Costco have awesome customer service. You need to return something? Cool, no questions askedZ seem less and simple. Be that company.


Curious if this resonates for anyone else?

👉 Also, I realize this is a thing that people do for engagement to get comments and boost the post, but I genuinely want to know what you think.