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I Wrote To A Local Newspaper For The First Time

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In an effort to share the progress of my story and build some traction for our facility, I wrote an email to the local newsletter where we purchased our self storage facility.

Often times, people share their success after the fact. They’ve done it. They’ve made it. They are where they want to be and now they’re teaching others how to get there.

There are also people who aren’t there, BUT they say they are. They haven’t “made it”, but they fake it in order to sell a course and make some money that way. It works. More times than not, this seems to be the case.

... But there’s a third category that you don’t hear from all that often.

It’s the people IN THE TRENCHES. Those that are currently, in PRESENT time, in the grind. These warriors are desperately and relentlessly trying to make “it” work.

These voices are rarely heard.

Which is a bummer because their stories are raw, unfiltered and incredible.

With the hope of sharing part of my raw and unfiltered journey, which is very much still in progress, I threw a hail marry and sent an email to the paper.

Kevin Bell

THIS 👇 is what I wrote.

Hi Hutch Post!

My name is Kevin Bell and I’m now the new owner of This Facility. It’s the self storage facility located at 204 and 304 N Washington, South Hutchinson, KS.

I wanted to reach out to you in reference to the story behind this purchase and inquire if this was anything worth considering publishing or talking about further.

It might seem crazy and even a little far fetched to purchase a storage facility. Especially to be on the pursuit of purchasing many!

From the outside perspective, one might think that you need to be super wealthy and have a ton of experience, but that’s the juice of the story I want to share.

The truth is, money and experience come second to relentless persistence.

I’m a father of two young girls, married to a wife way out of my league and I work as a full time police officer to provide. But I want more for my girls. When my shift ends and I take off the badge, the entrepreneur hat goes on and I’m in the grind. Over the last 3 years there have been many ventures on my path that have led to this point. And there will be many more. The purchase of this facility, however, is proof of concept.

From ground zero, no real estate experience, no team, no understanding of what it might take to make a deal like this work, to now; we have the workings of a machine. Not just to operate the facility in Kansas, but to grow BIG.

We are small time, with big dreams. And have the energy and momentum to change the trajectory of our family. A lot of people mention the “American Dream” but I don’t feel like that label fully encapsulates this scenario. Mind you, we haven’t “made it” yet by any means, but the dream we’re pursuing is “The Entrepreneurs Dream”. And that’s a dream felt around the world. Other fellow dreamers lay in bed awake putting the pieces of their empire together in their heads. They imagine the ideas they have becoming reality, they see themselves in the positions they want to be in, and one day, the few that stick with it, make it a reality.

And that’s what we have here today. Proof that what we’re doing works. Proof that you don’t have to be some mogul to do something like this and proof that legitimately anything is possible if you just stay in the fight.

There’s a Rockefeller quote that goes:

“Success is a series of struggles. Almost all great figures have suffered a series of merciless blows. Each of them almost surrendered, but they finally achieved brilliant results because of their persistence.”

Thank you so much for your time, I hope this email finds you well. Looking forward to speaking with someone in reference to this potential story.


Kevin Bell

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