Kevin Bell

It’s Business

The other day my business partner and I made the decision to let two of our employees go.

This was not an easy decision by any means, but once it was made, it felt right.

Red flags:

Do not ignore them.


They exist for a reason and need to be respected. We saw them from both of these employees early on in their time with us. Early on we could have easily let them go right then and there, but we made the conscious decision to pour into them more. It’s far more effective and valuable to a company to retain employees as opposed to finding new ones.

I don’t regret any part of that decision, but it was a conscious choice to embrace the stress and struggle felt from having those employees as part of our organization.

It was a conscious choice to keep employees that we knew didn’t embody the spirit of our team and the vision of our business.

When it comes down to it, your organization consists of people. And people are imperfect.

People make mistakes. Mistakes of the mind and mistakes of the heart. People are motivated some days and lack motivation on others. But the beauty of working with people is that people can adapt. People can change their ways and find a fire in them they never knew was there before. I believe that to be true with all the people in my company. And that is why I believed it was a better decision to maintain their employment as long as we did.

But in the end, when we have drained all resources, provided all opportunities of growth and done everything we can to resurrect an employees motivation in their work, the decision should be simple. Not easy, but simple.

This is YOUR company. If you aren’t looking after it, no one else will.

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