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Just Tell People What You Sell

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Sometimes the best way to tell people what you do is to just say it straight out.

This is a great example of just letting people know what’s available for purchase.

I assume most restaurants sell gift cards, but it’s not something that you necessarily think about all the time.

It’s simple, but it’s great marketing.

  1. It tells me exactly what they sell
  2. Even if I saw the cards in the counter it’s a reminder
  3. It’s right at check out when I already have my card out to pay.

Amazon uses this strategy on the digital level by showing “frequently bought together” or “you might also like”.


➡️ E-commerce: A link saying “we also sell (fill in the blank)” at the check out for your product

➡️ Home services: Having your technician mention other services while chatting with the client

➡️ Storage: Before tenants pay, have another window that asks “Do you need boxes? We sell those too!”

➡️Newsletter: A link directing readers to an ebook that you published.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You have a service, do a thing, have something to sell or value to provide, tell people.

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