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Lesson #2 - How To Buy A Business (Part 2)

I LOVE this stuff, so it's hard to cut it down to just two emails in a welcome sequence. I go Into so much more each week with regular broadcasts as well as in the community were launching.

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Lesson # 2 On How To Buy Your First Business

Let's go! 🚀

Today we're going to talk about:

  1. Where to look for businesses
  2. The types of businesses to look for
  3. How to get deals sent to you on autopilot

1️⃣ Where to look for businesses:

I already talked about ​​ In the first email, but that's not the only place. There are a handful of other websites out there where they regularly post on market deals.

Here are a few:


There's also a ton of great newsletters that are sent out with deals to look at other than this one. I'm thankful that you're here, but I want you to be successful more than I need you to ONLY be subscribed to my newsletter. Here are some other great ones:

​Clint Fiore ​​Michael Girdley​​ Codie Sanchez​

2️⃣ The types of businesses to look for

While this isn't a complete list by any means, this should get the wheels turning.

3️⃣ How to get deals sent to you on autopilot

Here's where the rubber meets the pavement. This is what might take the most time BUT if done right, it will pay off BIG.

This is my step by step process for deals on autopilot:


  1. Look through the sites like I listed above. These are listed publicly by a broker.
  2. Contact the broker through the email they have listed and let them know your buy box
  3. Subscribe to their personal newsletters and stay in touch. These deals will still be ON market, but with that relationship you'll get to them before most others


Note: There are a hundred ways to go about this. We will continue to cover this process in the community and further emails, but i'll share a general over here.

  1. Build list of businesses in the market and business you want and either create an email to send out or cold call the businesses expressing interest in purchasing.
  2. Reach out to people in your network for referrals and just chat it up about your business buying venture -> CPAs, attorneys, bankers, real estate agents, financial advisers, etc.Follow up with these connections.
  3. Provide value to them without asking for anything in return.

And there you have it! That was your two day course on how to buy your first business! I know you might have a million questions already, and that's okay! We want to hear them. Feel free to respond with what's on your mind 🧠

Tomorrow we will be talking acquisitions, but for REAL ESTATE 🏘️

👉 It will be a quick 1-day course, before we jump into HOW TO START A BUSINESS.