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Luxury Hotels Have Their Own Scent?!

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Luxury Hotels Have Their Own Scent?!

Last weekend I went out of town with my wife and girls. Just a quick one nighter get away by the beach to one of our favorite spots.

We were headed out for dinner and my wife wanted to stop by the hurt shop real quick to buy a candle. She loves candles.

I smell the candle and instantly I recognize the scent… but I can’t tell where it’s from. I KNOW that smell… but where have I smelled it before?

“This smells so good! Where have I smelled this before?” I ask.

My wife - “You’ve smelled it here.”

Me - “What?”

My wife - “This is the smell of the hotel”

Me - “The hotel has a smell?”

My wife - “yes, this.”

Ok so maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but apparently Luxury hotels have their OWN scent and they pump it through the vents throughout the hotel with diffusers.

THEN, of course they turn that into products like candles and sprays… 🤯

This is absolutely brilliant.

With ANYTHING you’re selling; you don’t want people to just spend money on it once, you want them to spend money over and over again. Through a membership, upgrades, new producers, etc.

But HOW do you create that kind of traffic?

There’s many variables involved, but the one I’m highlighting today is THE EXPERIENCE.

Customers return or DON’T return based on their experience. Especially when you run a hotel and your product IS the experience.

So when you can capture that experience, bottle it up (literally) and sell it, your customers will continue to be reminded of the good time they had and do whatever they it takes to get back. Even if it’s on a subconscious level. JUST having that smell in the background around the house keeps the memory in the back of your mind week, or even months after.

🤷🏻‍♂️ So what does this look like if you’re not running a Luxury hotel?

Focus on the EXPERIENCE!

If you…

📧 Write a Newsletter: Respond personally to subscribers that write back to you

📦 Sell a product: Put a hand written note in the box for a first time customer

🏢 Invest in real estate: Personally connect with the owners of the properties you want to buy. Build a rapport, send chocolates, holiday cards. Be genuine.

👋🏻 Host a community: Be accessible to your audience; office hours, responses to messages, provide replays on zoom calls for those that missed. Just add as much value as you can to that community for everyone’s experience.

There’s a hundred ways to go about this.

There’s not one size fits all.

The takeaway here is the little things matter. The little things are what we remember.

They’re either annoying -> This place smelled like garbage 🗑️


They’re incredible -> This place smelled like the fresh ocean breeze. 🏝️

Yes, it takes some extra thought, but just think of what YOU would want as a customer of your product, and do that.