Kevin Bell

Make $800k/ year With HVAC??

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MANAGERS of an HVAC company are making close to 800k. 🤯

I had a local company come out yesterday to service my AC and found out the math on how much the company makes and it BLEW my mind. 👇

$19.95/mo for a membership. This includes regular services, discounted rates, warranties, etc.

They have 30,000 members

19.95 x 30,000 = $598,500/ mo

x12 = $7,182,000 / yr

JUST on memberships.


The more members you have =

More homes being serviced regularly =

Knowing what homes need larger repairs more often.


🧍‍♂️The more members you have =

🏠More homes being serviced regularly =

🔧Knowing what homes need larger repairs more often

👉 More revenue.

It's simple and they do it well.


Every employee is put together and nice. They slip on shoe covers while in the house and NEVER come across "sales-y".

With all of this, technicians are making 6-figures, managers are making 800k... can you imaging what the owner makes?

Don't sleep on the HVAC biz.

Boring? yes.

EXTREMELY lucrative? YES!