Kevin Bell

Mastering Content Distribution 101

I shared my highlights from reading Perennial Seller the other day and added a few cool features to the post.

You can see the original post HERE

In this thread I wanted to share the fairly simple process I used to take something that I’m already doing and expand it.

This strategy isn’t perfect by any means, but this allows me to

  1. Share value with others
  2. Build an email list
  3. Extending my reach outside of a social media platform.

STEP 1: Something I’m already doing

I read everyday and highlight the main points in books already. These are my own personal highlights that I find helpful and useful.

I’ll refer back to them often as things come up with different projects I’m working through.

I’m already doing this. Zero extra effort.

STEP 2: Find a vehicle to share the value

In this case, my highlights are in the book, so I need to get them out of the book and in a shareable form.

This could be done with a podcast, newsletter, ebook, pdf, etc.

David Senra with Founders does this extremely well with a podcast and a paid subscription.

STEP 3: Create the “product”

This is really where the work takes place. Once you decide the vehicle you’re sharing this value in, you have to actually produce it.

Here’s what I did👇

  1. Typed up all the highlights from the book into a note. I did this by taking a picture of the page and selecting the text, copying it and then pasting it.


  1. I used my Convertkit and built a quick landing page for people to sign up and get the highlights sent to them easily.


  1. In convertkit I built a super simple email sequence. Once you subscribe you get a confirmation, then the first email shares the origin story and all you’ll receive. Athena the highlights start coming.
  2. Next I wanted it to be accessible for anyone that signs up later to see past highlights. I personally use for my personal blog. I love it’s simplicity and focus on the “bear necessities” of writing 😉. I added a sign up page and then an archives page. I am not a coder by any means, but Bearblog allows me to totally build out pages whenever I want. 👌🏻

Book Highlights Page

Last Highlight

  1. I created a cool picture of the product using Canva.


STEP 4: Test it out

Now that everything is in place, I tested the flow by subscribing myself.

Here’s how it looks from the backend:

STEP 5: Explain the process

This wasn’t “easy” necessarily, but it was pretty simple.

The main takeaway here is that this can be done with anything.

I’m no expert with this, BUT as much as I can, I try to explain my process as I build.


The only tools you’d need to do something like this would be:

At the very minimum, you can have people DM you with requests for whatever it is you have and then you can manually email them what you have.