Kevin Bell

How To Use Each Passing Moment To Be A Better You

What exists now doesn’t have to exist moving forward.

What you know to be true now, might not be true tomorrow. Pluto being a planet or the earth being flat are examples of that.

We often are stuck in the now. And forget that the now only exists, well, now.

It might be fashion that we never let go of, a taste in music that is stuck decades back, maybe even a car that we just can’t seem to part from.

It can go even deeper than that though. Your kids won’t be kids forever. The moment you have with them right now will be gone tomorrow. New moments will appear, but this moment right now will be gone. Enjoy it.

The money that you have or lack there of, doesn’t have to be permanent. Choose to take the actions needed to build a bridge out of your financial situation and change your life.

The broken heart we feel today will heal with time. Maybe a day, maybe a week, maybe a year. But time nonetheless. Knowing just that fact is half the battle. Your sadness will pass.

Who you are, what you’re doing, how you feel, where you’re going and when you’re doing all of it can change from one moment to the next. There are far less definitives in life than most of us operate with.

More than anything, this is an understanding that nothing is permanent. Use that to your advantage and as each moment is replaced with the next; be better, do more, react differently, be more intentional, love harder, listen deeper.

And if you still think you can improve, do it at the very next chance you get.

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