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This is how we’ve trained our VAs👇

We had a client email in to us the other day with a question about working with their VAs once they hire them.

Here’s the question:

“… with the VAs you found us, we now have 4 total and want to streamline the way we train each VA for their tasks. Are there any ways that you guys have used that have worked better than others?”

We emailed back and forth a couple of times, but that was the main question from them.

For anyone that has a VA or wants to hire one, here’s how I responded: (seriously, I sent this email out)

FIRST OF ALL, this is way easier than you think. I’ll cover this in bullet points, but please respond to this email with any further questions if you have them. Our VA that we have as an operations manager will keep me responding in a timely matter, I promise.

  1. If you’re hiring your first VA, hire them for something that you do already and that you are good at. It’s enough to be hiring a person on to your team, don’t complicate it with hiring them for a skill you don’t have. That comes later

  2. Before you hire, set yourself up for success —> Pick the task you are hiring for, do it yourself and document the steps along the way.

  1. After you hire, during the onboarding process, share with them the folder with the SOPs you created and give them time to look through the folder without any pressure. They are people, not machines

  2. Assign the task and make yourself available for any questions

  3. Use screen recordings as much as you need. I don’t have a lot of time for zoom calls, but I’ll always have windows of time that I can make a Loom OR record an audio message in reference to the questions that come up

  4. Trust them. It will take a minute for them to get in the groove. Give them time.

If you haven’t read The Business Playbook, I highly recommend it! It will help you understand how to truly document your process. ALSO, Buy Back Your Time another incredible read!

If you have ANY questions on this, please ask. YOU don’t have to do all the work.