Kevin Bell

How To Judge If You're On The Right Path

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Sometimes the best way to continue on the path that you're on when you're not yet seeing the results you want to see yet, is to surround yourself with others that you trust. Sometimes it's a dark solo journey as an entrepreneur. One that YOU ultimately have to walk… BUT, a good barometer of whether you're walking the right direction can come from being surrounded by others doing the same thing.

There's a selection process that needs to happen prior to this conclusion though. Those people need to be people of morals, drive, ambition, intelligence, passion, wisdom, humility. Ideally more than you in all those areas.

When you find those kinds of people and position yourself in close proximity with people that have those characteristics, keep them close. Learn from them. Work with them. Work for them. When you start to do things and they follow OR are doing similar things; you know you're on the right track.

The problem is, there's always exceptions. What I just wrote isn't always going to be the truth. IF you've done the proper personality filtration, you'll be surrounded by the people you need to be surrounded by and it'll work, BUT even then, not everyone will see what you see. Not everyone will totally "get" what you get. What seems so obvious to you, isn't going to be obvious to everyone… and that has to be okay. 

I'll leave you with this from Paul Graham:

"If you think about it, a good new idea has to seem bad to most people or someone would have already explored it".

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