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One Of The Most Valuable Calls I've Ever Had

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I had a call with Shannon Jean and it blew my mind!

It could have been 10x longer and still not long enough.

It was SO validating on multiple levels:

  1. Even at the level he’a at right now, he’s still shooting for more. The growth never stops.
  2. Success HAPPENS. But the formula is [Work+Time]

In my chat with Shannon we cover:

The following are nuggets from my call with The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Shannon Jean:

💎 Shannon is telling his story in reverse. People are in awe of what he’s done (rightfully so) but the lessons he talks about are just from the experience he’s had and he’s telling it after the fact. After he’s DONE the things. In his mind, its not too exciting, but when you boil it down, it’s really just his decades of experience that he is sharing now.

💎He really didn’t have the LMA Money (Leave Me Alone Money) only until his mid 40s. His analogy was that for years he was pulling slingshot back further and further… and eventually as he kept at it, adding to the revenue stack, he just let it go and it took off!

💎We all want to get there NOW, but for every success, Shannon felt that he had 50 failures. Stay in the fight.

💎He vividly remembers driving through his dream neighborhood with his wife and telling her that someday they would buy a house there. Today, that’s where he lives.

💎”It” just took time: For decades he was in the grind. But through accumulating contacts, experience, financing and RESILIENCE, the efforts began to stack.

💎Looking back on his accomplishments, with all the things he’s done, it’s easy to just see the end product, but during the building phase, he didn’t start everything at once. He started first biz out of college, focused on that ONE thing, grew it THEN once got to a point where it was running itself, he started something else. Then kept that going.

I told him: Right now it feels like I’m driving on a frontage road right next to the freeway. I look up and see guys like him on the freeway cruising along and all I want to do is to be on the freeway.

💎He replied that he might be on the freeway, but he wants to be in a rocket like other guys and is trying to get to the rocket.

💎This feeling of wanting more, wanting to be more, wanting to provide more and do big things… it’s totally normal, it’s the fuel that drives us as entrepreneurs

I spoke with him about my job as a police officer and grinding to create that time/ financial freedom from my W2.

💎Shannons Advice: Every single day try and figure out “how do I drive revenue TODAY?” And be “ALL in on how to replace your income” Focus on long term later. Think about replacing the income FIRST and FOREMOST.

💎How do you recommend telling my story while I’m still in it even if it’s not as cool of a story as yours yet?

💎When it comes to sharing about the journey, don’t talk about what you’re going to do, talk about what you have done.

And those notes didn’t even cover 1/3 of the impact of that phone call. Shannon is a class act and through his years of experience, he is genuinely helping and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Thank you so much for your time today, brother!

If any readers of this didn’t know, Shannon has a membership for $5/mo where he continuously drops these knowledge 💣.

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