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Self Storage Acquisition Vs. Small Business Acquisition

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Self storage acquisition Vs. small business acquisition 👇

Let’s talk INDUSTRY vs. OPPORTUNITY here.

In storage, it’s easy to not be distracted with industry. There’s only ONE industry; storage. You don’t have to worry about anything but “the opportunity”.

It’s ALL about the opportunity. And when you know why you want, you look for that.

But it’s notttt as simple with SMB. There’s SO many businesses and industries that it’s easy to get distracted with your business PREFERENCE.

But here me out 👂🏻I say that unless you’re dead set on a specific industry/ business, don’t get distracted with with that in your search. Focus on the opportunity.

As with most things, never say never and never say always. There’s exceptions to this. But the point here is that if you’re looking for the values of a good opportunity, it won’t matter what kind of business.

When you’re new in your search, it feels cozy to lock in on a business type or industry. I get that, but I’d encourage you to look at a variety of deals so that you can start to see the patterns of a good opportunity instead.