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Self Storage Is Trending, How Do You Get In The Game??

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Self Storage is really “trending” right now. So how do you GET IN THE GAME??

Dudes like Nick Huber and AJ Osborne are some of the celeb names in the industry, but many others reference how awesome of an asset it is. Even Robert Kiyosaki has had his hands in storage at one time.

But to most who are looking at it from the outside, there’s a crazy mystery about how in the world to get into the storage game.

EVEN if you’re in residential real estate, storage is still a different world that takes some time to get to know.

“Getting in” to the self storage game consists of a handful of different variables, but let’s just simplify WHAT TO LOOK FOR.

This is the 10,000 foot overview here, but it’ll give you a place to start.

Surface level:

This is the criteria we started with. It’s important, but still just in the surface level. It’s when you combine all the layers here that you have a very conclusive search machine.

*** No marketing, limited online presence: This is a sign that it’s being operated the same way now as it has been for the past few decades. By JUST adding a website and online presence, you’ll increase traffic and revenue. And if I’m being honest, just answering the phones is a huge value add. Seriously.

Surprisingly, their kids don’t want to take them over. That’s okay, we will then.

Mid Level:

Deep Level

This is where we start getting into the juice🧃

Truthfully if there’s not a whole bunch of room to raise rents, it’d have to check all the other boxes for it to not be a pass. This is important.