Kevin Bell

The Best Advice I Could Give A New Entrepreneur

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I was at work riding around with my partner today and got talking about all the different projects that I’m doing.

I had just watched a Sam Ovens video about how he burned all of his bridges and went all in on Skool and how I admire that “full send” of his.

There’s part of me that wishes I could do that, but I still believe that all the things I’m working on have purpose. One purpose is through the lessons and skills I'm learning. Another purpose is that I sincerely believe in each one of the projects.

Even as I write this, I really can't tell you if that’s the RIGHT answer. I’m sure many might disagree and advise me to direct my focus. And while I DO agree with that. I also wouldn’t trade the lessons and experience I’m acquiring for the world right now. The visionary in me sees this as the slum dog millionaire kind of situation. I'm neither from the slums or a millionaire, BUT each and everything that I’m working on is leading me to the exact skill set I’ll need, at the time I need it. I might be the only one that believes this, but that's all that matters.

Let's get down to the juice here... With all the things that I’m learning, all the projects I've worked and have going on, is there was ONE piece of advice that I would give to someone else who hasn’t done any of it yet?


My answer might change and evolve over time. If you ask me a year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now, I’m sure it’ll be different… but right now, this is what I said:

There are so many skills that you can learn, courses you can take, people to talk to, podcasts to listen to, niches to dive in, etc. All of which are important at that moment and help add to your tool belt in one way or another... But more important than ANY of that, more important than any skill, is ACTION.

You have to do something!

Ready, Fire, Aim!

Without that, you have nothing. You’re just like every other consumer. Lead with action and figure it out as you go.

For some people it comes easy and they live a life of action first.

For others, I think most others, it’s HARD AF. Analysis paralysis is a REAL THING!

I literally have to force myself into action because my first instinct is to consume, learn, master, perfect…. Which we’re all taught is a good thing… I mean, it IS… but I sincerely believe that the most successful people in the world just DO IT. And then readjust after.

I know I’m nobody right now. I have a couple blogs that very few people visit, I’m slowly building my real estate portfolio, I have less than 10 subscribers on my newsletters, I'm in the works of an online entrepreneur platform that needs a TON of work, I’m still verrrrry much I’m the grind, BUT I’m leading with action.

Every single day moving the needle forward in one way or another and figuring out as I go. It’s not easy, but if it was, everyone would be successful.

Stay In The Fight.