Kevin Bell

The Best Writing DOES NOT Come From People That Have Figured It Out

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They’ve done the thing.

They’ve been there and can NOW look back on the experiences they’ve gone through and talk about the obstacles that they overcame to “make it”.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s GOOD.

It really is.

I truly aim to be there one day; looking upon the journey like Mufasa looks upon the pride lands with Simba in the Lion King.


I don’t think the best writing comes from that point.

[Killer movie soundtrack though]

I believe the best writing comes from those that are IN THE TRENCHES right now.

Like right now right now.

That’s where the raw, unfiltered, purest form of frustration comes from.

When you’re IN IT, you lay in bed awake at night thinking about the grind.

You wake up with a FIRE burning in you processing your next move in the grind.

You go through your day with ALL the other responsibilities you have, trying to figure out ways to do nothing BUT your grind.

It sucks and it’s invigorating all at the same time.

It’s both your “why”, AND stressful.

Sometimes you’re snappy or short with others, but it’s not anything that someone said-

it’s because you were DEEEEP in your head cave, appearing to be present in society while actually processing your grind and someone interrupted you.

This is the raw stuff that you need to write down.

This is what people REALLY. want to hear.

Few do it though.

MOST. wait and then it’s written after the fact.

While that’s still good. It’s not the best.

It’s ok to be an “iPhone notes blogger”, but please, do me a favor, do the world a favor, do your future self a favor;

write down the unfiltered tale of your journey from your view IN the grind.

Post it later. But write it down now.