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The CEO Dilemma

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In the beginning, you are it. You’re the CEO, but you’re also the assistant. You’re the CFO, but also the cold caller. You’re the COO, but also the bookkeeper.

It’s a feeling of great satisfaction while also on the verge of being borderline insane. It’s invigorating and hair pulling stressful at the same time.

There is some sense of peace to that beginning scenario. It’s all on you. You’re in control no matter what the outcome might be.

From infancy, you grow to become a toddler. Here you hire your first team member/s. And while that might feel like it’s your saving grace, your new found ability to delegate comes at a cost.

Things are now out of your control. Things that you used to have full understanding and control over, you don’t anymore. From here you can choose to hold on to that control for dear life and be THAT boss. Micromanaging, looking over shoulders, helicopter bossing.

OR you can relinquish some of that. Teach new hires what you know and help them grow and advance as the company does.

Many WANT to be the second type of boss, but can’t actually let go. They settle with the fact that the company will never be any bigger than them. They are the “pace horse”, if you will, of the company.

It’s safe to say that most CEOs fall into that role. That might even be considered the norm. Employees might actually EXPECT that from you… and that expectation/norm, is the problem.

When you choose to go a different path. The ​Michael Gerber​ path. ​The Dan Martell​ path. You might think that this is the golden ticket, the secret formula to success… but what you might not expect is push back.

When you operate on a higher level, with the end in mind, growing the company to be bigger than you, to be systematized and automated, you can’t expect that everyone on your team “gets it”. They most likely won’t. But that shouldn’t stop you.

When you begin to think BIG and step out of the daily grind to grow BIG, others might not like it.

But again, that shouldn’t deter you from doing what you know you need to do.

It’s a tough choice you’ll have to make. Do you stay small, held back by your own pride and fear of losing control… or do you think BIG, to grow BIG and battle the haters along the way?

I say “stay in the fight”. When you finally make it to the top of the mountain, you won’t be worrying about the terrain you had to cover to get there. It won’t matter anymore.

Be the CEO you were destined to be; extraordinary!


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