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The Easiest Way To Get Things Done

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I work full time as a police officer, have two kids (1 on the way) and run 3 companies. Here’s how I handle to get everything done. Also, I’ll share my non negotiable’s

It’s not fancy even in the slightest. The biggest thing for me is all the different tasks that come up that I need to handle throughout the day and week. Here’s what I do👇

THE NOT SO SECRET, SECRET 🤫 I use my iPhone notes and have ONE note focused on my “to do’s”.

When something comes up, I write it down. When I complete it, I check it off ✅

Seriously it’s as simple as that. The note is ongoing.

I have tones of things that come up through the day that I can’t always handle immediately, but I DO always have time to write it down so o don’t lose it. It’s. It complicated, but this is how I get things done. AND hit my non-negotiable’s

My non-negotiable’s each and every day.

✅ Read 10 pages

✅ Workout

✅ Study another language

✅ Brain Puzzle

✅ Write

All this to say is that there doesn’t have to be a crazy productivity hack. Write down the things you need to do and then do them.