Kevin Bell

The "In Between"

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It’s the times “in between” the things you think are important, that are ACTUALLY important.

But more often than not we’re so focused on getting to those "important things" that we completely overlook the times in between.

Where this REALLY hits is with parenting. As a busy parent I feel like the milestones through the day, week, month and years that we work so hard to hit.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of surviving and getting trough the day

This is especially true for families where both parents work or you’re trying to do big things to change your path.

Almost like you don’t have the luxury to slow down and “just be”

But you do. You only have them at home for so long. They only want to play with you for so long. They will only laugh at your stupid jokes or giggle when you tickle them for a few more years. If that.

Don’t forget about the in between.

Don’t forget about the couch snuggles, the bed time stories, the movie nights in bed, the loud music on the car drives, the ice cream dates and the piggy back rides.

If you don’t forget about those times, neither will they.