Kevin Bell

The Key To Walt Disney's Success

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During Walt Disney’s early days with his animation company “Laugh-O-Gram Studio”, he would salvage the thrown away sketches from his artists out of the trash and repurpose them.

During the work day he’d let his animators do their work fairly unbothered.

At night, Walt would routinely look through the work left out on the drawing boards of his team.

They knew this and would intentionally leave their best work out on display.

Or so they thought.

Often, however, they’d come back in the morning to see drawings that they threw away pinned to their board with notes:

“Stop throwing away good work”

Laugh-O-Gram Studios didn’t last.

Following that, Walt and his brother Roy founded Disney Brothers Studio.

This led to the Walt Disney Company.

Even after gaining notoriety for his animations, they were still struggling financially.

It wasn’t really until Disneyland and the licensing of his characters that they broke even and were able to repay their loans.

But through all of this, Walt remained RELENTLESS in his pursuit.

He knew there was something bigger that he was working towards.

He took risks and rolled the dice on his dreams.

He lived with a “ready, fire, aim” mentality and built the plane in mid air.

He saw opportunity and diamonds in the rough and then went all in.

👉 Our stories are more similar to Walt’s story than we realize.

👉 Our relentless pursuit of a dream

👉 Our determination to succeed at all costs

👉 Our belief that we’re doing something BIGGER than ourselves.

🔑 The key thing to remember here is that Walt was successful because he never gave up.

Stay in the fight. You’ve got this 👊🏻Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 6