Kevin Bell

The Misunderstood Entrepreneur

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There comes a point when you realize that you’ve taken an entirely different path than everyone else.

The friends that you’ve always had don’t “get it”. They live a life of mediocrity. Content. Settled. Complacent.

They’ve found a “good job” and are holding on for dear life. They count the days to Friday and then dread every Sunday night.

Clock in and clock out, they’re dreams ended in high school or for a few, maybe in college or shortly there after. For even fewer, those dreams still hung on until they had kids.

But you my friend are different. Maybe you took the conventional path of a JOB to pay the bills or maybe you’ve been on the hustle train your whole life, either way, you’re different. You don’t just believe, you KNOW that what you’re doing is worth doing.

You KNOW that the dreams you have are possible and that you were meant for something great.

You KNOW that the formula for success is just NOT giving up.

So, that’s the way you proceed through life.

Obstacles come your way and you lean into them as lessons to learn.

Failures happen, but you use them as stones that you build your castle with.

You operate on a different frequency than the rest of the world. Almost as if you have ultra sensitive hearing and your dancing to a tune that only few can hear.

At first, when you start dancing on your own, you don’t notice that no one else is dancing. You’re in the zone, jamming to the tunes that you hear loud and clear.

THEN you want to reach out and share your joy with your friends. You want them to join you in the good time you’re having… but not all your friends hear what you hear. They look at you like you’re crazy.

And that’s when it hits you. Not everyone hears it. To them, it’s just silence.

It’s too late for you though. You can’t un-hear the music. You can’t ignore the feeling that you have inside of you to DANCE. It’s impossible to do and unimaginable to even consider it.

And there lays a turning point in your life. This is when you realize that the relationships you had might not make it. You realize that what’s important to you and the vision you have for your life is night and day different from the vision others have… in fact, you begin to realize that others DONT have a vision.

So what do you do? Who stays in your circle? How do you filter out the unnecessary and keep the essentials?

I say; there will still remain people in your circle that don’t get it and never will. But they remain there because they make you better. They challenge you, they push you, they help you grow. They might not get your vision or even understand what a vision looks like, but they GET YOU. And you get them.

Keep those people around.

To the rest of the world, you might be misunderstood. But you’re okay with that. You know the truth; they just can’t hear the music.