Kevin Bell

The Problem Entrepreneurs Face

The Problem

It's easy to go through the motions.

It's comfortable to not step out into the unknown

It's SCARY to take risks

It sucks to fail


Ultimately you have two choices;

1️⃣ You front load the EASY:

This is where you live paycheck to paycheck. You KNOW you were meant to do more with your life, but that's hard. You DREAM of providing a different trajectory for your family, but it's too risky.

You go to a job counting down the days until the weekend and then until the next holiday and then until you can retire and THEN that's when you tell yourself you're allowed to live.

Things are routine, comfortable and stable. Easy. But in the end, you'll be faced with the HARD reality that you could have done so much more with the time that you were given.

2️⃣ You front load the HARD:

This is where you step out into the unknown, battle through the failures, the resistance, the struggles of figuring out the whats, whys and hows.

This is where your friends might laugh at you at first or you might be misunderstood with what you're trying to do. People might say you're crazy or "you can't do that", or "that won't ever work"...

But when you come out on the other side, you will be living a life that your naysayers envy. You will have faced the HARD, head on and come out on the other side basking in success.

Each situation contains hard things. Either it's hard at the end when you realize how many "what if's" are left on the table. OR It's hard in the beginning when you're trying to break through that initial barrier of entry. I choose the second. I believe you do as well.

❓BUT HOW? Where do you start?

Don't worry about that yet. That's why you're here. We'll go through that together.

⏰ I plan to share with you in real time, the past, present and future processes to my success (and failures). These will be strategies I've used before, currently implement and will learn and then TEACH YOU in the future.

📈 We'll start from ground 0 and i'll share the secrets to getting UNSTUCK, overcoming your fears, and jumping headfirst into entrepreneurship.


🔥 This isn't just your normal entrepreneurship. This is the entrepreneurship for those that are busy AF.

✅ This is for parents

✅ For the full time W2 warriors

✅ For those that are tired, drained, running on ALL cylinders but know they don't want to live that way forever

✅ For those who are fighting the good fight and need some help.

✅ For those that are obsessed with bettering themselves and want to succeed at all costs

This is for you, my friend.

❌ If your life is easy peasy right now...

❌ if you still live at home without a job...

❌ If you have a trust fund or you're already crushing it...

❌ If you don't really like a challenge or like things to be handed to you and simple...

This is NOT for you.